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GPS soil sampling is not a new tool. It has been around for years but has been mainly targeted at arable farms.

Should you consider the investment?



You can probably tell from the photograph above that we think you should!

But why do we think that?

We started looking at providing soil sampling services over a year ago, and were underwhelmed at what was available. We found that single samples were relatively expensive, and they also take a long time to collect and report. At the end of the process the results are only as accurate as an average can be.

Instead of the traditional plod around a field with a W pattern we have opted to take a different approach to providing a service. What we will do is split your area to be sampled up into 1 hectare parcels (or smaller if required, and with a minimum of 2 samples per field). This will provide a hugely more accurate analysis of your soil.

This aim is not necessarily to save money (but you may well do that), but to target the resources more accurately and efficiently. 


pH Lime needed (t/ha) Total (t)
Sample 1 5.6 5 5
Sample 2 5.3 7 7
Sample 3 5.8 4 4
Sample 4 5.5 6 6
Sample 5 5.5 6 6
Total 28

The table above is an actual example (available for viewing) and shows a 5ha field needing some rejuvenation work. The precision soil sampling shows a lime requirement of 28t. Obviously the average pH depends exactly where the sampler walks, but in this example if you use a simple average the pH would be 5.55. Using the same calculations there liming requirement would be 30.5t.

There is a nominal saving in lime of 2.5t, which is the equivalent to between £10 and £15 per hectare (which is a fair contribution to the cost of sampling). The real benefit comes in the fact that the whole field should end up with a level pH over time leading to more production potential. On silage land this could be £100's per ha in additional forage dry matter.

If you would like to chat to us about this service we can arrange a FREE initial meeting to discuss your requirements. Every farm is genuinely different so will give you a fixed price per ha after the visit.

Grassland is the biggest asset on most farms - let's make the most of it.