At Owen Farm Services we specialise in IT systems and software applications.

We firmly believe that only useful software deserves a mention and only exceptional software should be paid for. We can help filter out the useful from the rubbish and get everything setup for you.




Software that is normally used on farm includes: - 

  • Accounts Programs
  • Livestock Management
  • Equipment Control (parlour software etc.)
  • Compliance Tools
  • Nutrient Management

To PC or not PC? 

The task of buying a new PC can be an awkward one. Transferring from one PC to another is even more arduous. We can help you with this. Our New PC service offers: - 

  • ·       Purchase of new PC
  • ·       Installation of software
  • ·       Transfer of settings and files
  • ·       Setup of e-mail
  • ·       Delivery and installation
  • ·       Ongoing support if required

Simply let us know your budget and we’ll get something that lets you get on with the work you need to do.

To launch this service, we have teamed up with Uniform Agri to offer you a price for their farm management software. For more information please call 01461 600540 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.