In response to comments we received from clients, we have launched a new service called ‘Farm R.A.G. Test’. 

Given most support payments are being reduced, the last thing that any farm needs is an inspection. It can be a stressful experience, although you should keep in mind that inspectors are only doing their job and they are approachable and looking to help where possible. 


We are launching this service to provide you with piece of mind by looking around the farm and through the paperwork so you can rest more easily. 

What we will do:- 

  • Check the IACS again (if you are an Owen Farm Services IACS client this is free).
  • Check Greening. 
  • Look at the farm watercourse, hedgerows and other features. 
  • Study aerial photos, or take new ones if required.
  • Check livestock records. 
  • Check NVZ records and provide assistance if needed. ach will be assessed and we will give our opinion based on the below scale: 

RED needs urgent remedial action 

AMBER – action recommended but not urgent 

GREEN no remedial action

We cannot guarantee that you will pass an inspection. It is also not our intention to scaremonger, and if you are happy with your records then that is great! 

However, should like a second opinion; let us know, and if you are having nightmares about inspections let us see if we can help put your mind at rest. 

Give us a call on 01461 600540